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Originally Posted by Yetti View Post
well I been staying quiet, but the DNR has some recourse when dealing private land issues. if you haven't been paying attension there is a few loop hole they can apply. one of them is the burried in the new act 240. the old law said its unlawful to operate a ORV withen 100 feet of a dwelling above a speed to keep it moving without issue. the new law says that it now 300 feet. so if your ripping around the yard and a CO shows up technicly if your in the 300' window he can write you. the other good one is helmets on private property. if they want they can write you for crusing your yard with no helmet on your quad or cycle. the worst is the kids who get hurt on little quads that go to hospital. I have never seen one myself but if the doctors called you in for allowing a kid under 10 to operate a quad you could have a ticket and quite posibly a child endangerment issue.
Sure, that all makes perfect sense. But a kid not wearing a helmet on an ORV, and somebody on PRIVATE PROPERTY without an orv sticker is a night/day difference. I basically said this in one of my posts, "without just cause". Any officer of the law is expected to take care of these type of things, but the main problem in this thread is the OP stated you need an ORV sticker on private land.
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