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Default HID Xenon Headlights - digital slim ballasts locally

See bottom of this post

Since my for sale thread in "parts for sale" has been going so well, I figured I'd contribute to the site and become a "vendor". You can see this thread for feedback/reviews:

Xenon HID headlights - for all vehicles - can even do sealed beams - Great Lakes 4x4. The largest offroad forum in the Midwest

I'll keep that one going, but in the meantime, I'll make a simple post here.

This is what my GT HID kit looks like:

Digital slim ballasts. These are fully sealed in an aluminum case and then painted wrinkle black (a few older kits I have lying around are polished Al)

Can get any size bulb so far that I've found except 9012 for a Maxima and D1S and D3S original equip bulbs. I can get D2R.

Prices are:

Note almost no light into oncoming traffic (aperture was wide open, so you see a little on the truck on the left). I aimed them down since this pic since that distance (stock OEM aiming) was not needed. I have never been "flashed" - ever - and I drive 25k miles/yr.

I also have bi-xenon (a single bulb that moves to create your low and high beam in Xenon on a two headlight car). To have Xenon on low and high on a 4 headlight car, you have to buy two kits. Discount for multiple kits.

My kits draw low power, so relay kits are not needed, but they are nice that they create new, dedicated grounds for each headlight. Relay harnesses are $10 for GL members.

Warranty: Lifetime on my installs, Lifetime on everything except bulbs on kits picked up. Replacements can be picked up immediately, no need to wait on shipping and be w/o the ability to see at night. Bulbs have more than twice the life of halogens (factory claims 6x as much).

Colors: I carry 5000K, 6000K, 8000K and 10,000K. 3000K, 4300K, 12,000K by special order.

As of yesterday, 11/24/10, I signed this over to Scott from Superstarr Tint in Clinton Township. Some of you may know that is where I have been doing installs for the past year. He is a stand up guy and as good or better at installation then myself (and I'd like to think I had this down pat).

All of the people who have contacted me about lights prior to today, I will still get you your lights at my pricing. Scott is not obligated to keep it, though I hope he will for this board.

He will also honor my warranty, just contact him if you have anything that goes south. You can PM me for his number, just don't want to post it publicly.

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