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Always be prepared

Driver's side, after removing the battery and finding the wires that went to the low beam on the outside of the housing:

Wire stripped away - I did this to keep the connectors free inside the housings should I ever need to go back to the H1 halogens:

HID wiring wrapped around bare wire:

Wires soldered in place. I used "liquid tape" to seal the area then used electrical tape over that:

Measuring the plug on the HID:

Plug/HID installed in access cover (used a spade bit to make the hole):

Installed shot:

Passenger side went just as smooth, once I disconnected the connector fron the housing - wires ready to be stripped:

Careful when removing wiring - I broke the ground tab - here it is still in the connector. I probably could've left the grounds connected, but I wanted to protect against any possible shorts to ground. This will need to be repaired someday...ugh:

The kit had plenty of wire length and was eacy to get everything mounted out of the way. The 5300K is definitely too blue for my tastes, however, it is my wifes car and she digs the blue tint.

Ballast mounting:

Driver's side, when you take the battery out, you can also lift out the plastic tray it sits on. That leaves you this area to play with,

First off, I wanna make sure everybody knows that this happened in a Linear, and I think I have more room to mount stuff than the lucky Aero bastages.

You can see where I ran the "signal" wiring (the wiring soldered into the low-beam circuit that tells the ballast the headlights are on) along another bundle and you can also see the relay ziptied to a bracket on the right side of the photo.

That big black metal "pad" with the three big holes across the top is what supports the battery and tray. At the very bottom of the picture you see where it is spotwelded into the chassis - that is where the driver's side igniter sits wrapped in bubble wrap (to keep it snug and guard against vibration).

I intended on sticking the ballast to the side of the fuse/relay box in the engine compartment, but the damn thing wouldn't stick. :angry: In a linear, if you look straight down the side of the fuse box (engine side) you can see a small threaded hole not being used for anything. I was able to use that hole and a (I think) a M6 bolt (from my KTM tool kit :D ) to mount the ballast to the chassis.

On the passenger side, I removed the bracket and DRL module; that left me two threaded spots, plus there is an empty threaded hole just in front of the air filter housing near a decal that sez"paint okay". I was able to use those three mounting locations for the ballast, igniter and relay. The McCullough kit it super nice in that it gives you plenty of wiring to work with.
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