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Originally Posted by Stan View Post
Easy to get around.

Park open to members only. Daily club membership fee is x amount of $$.
yep... Nearly every offroad park I've been to, you're joining them as a "member" which might get around this licensing issue (which I don't even think is a law) but more importantly it protects the property owner since you can't sue yourself.

Member's only on the contract, $1.00 a year membership charge, and that is no longer "open to the public"

I'm confused to the first post here. I know 100000000000000% that they can't require an ORV sticker, and I think wavemaker is stating you need to have a license plate and insurance (because you need insurance to get a plate). Oh how I would LOVE to receive a ticket for being on private property and not having a license plate.

I'm really surprised how many people out there bend over and take it deep from these over zealous officers of the law. And I'm not sure how you guys are finding these people at the DNR because everybody I seem to talk to is nice as can be, answers the questions by the law, and will talk about gray area's of the law without issue.

I'd really like to see where in the handbook that you must have either a license plate or even more humorous, a ORV sticker in an orv park.

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