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Originally Posted by BooGTS View Post
I didn't expect for anyone to take this thread seriously, when do we tolerate anyone else coming hawking something random from the other side of the country? I don't mean to come off as childish - I thought that was a prerequisite for being on this forum
Though I am reminded how on another board I asked a known seller of kits how he felt of me becoming a vendor and selling them. He said that he was focusing on other products and it was cool with him. No flaming occurred. I was extended no such courtesy, though he didn't need to, its a free board...
well, since you havent posted in the vendors forum you arent really a vendor? and we have let all sorts of vendors come on to this board and hawk wares from the otherside of the country, BTF and Ballistic are a few that come to mind.. but they are ok because they dont sell something you sell in your spare time right?

and imo.. hid's in factory housings or your "conversion" housings is just garbage.. improper light focusing and poor cut off..
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