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Originally Posted by BooGTS View Post

I could say a million things for this, but instead I'll ask you something:

How about some lights for my Mazda 6, complete and installed, with a local location where I can come for service and get new bulbs, with digital slim ballasts. I want this all for $90 what can you do for me?

This should be interesting...
You could say a "million things for this" but you have never tested our product? How can you make so many assumptions off of the pictures and words that I have posted above? I am actually looking forward to having some members on greatlakes post some reviews so we can get some REAL FACTUAL insights into the product.

As for your comment about your Mazda 6, I am not even sure how to respond to this. You are posting here inquiring about 1. a different product than what I am offering 2. a local location, when I am clearly an internet vendor (do you get angry with every internet vendor that does not live within 5 miles of your home?) and 3. a price that you have created for yourself (?). I would love to get a new television for my home but you don't see me contacting a television distributor and demanding a specialized pricing structure for a product they don't even carry.

I actually wish we were located nearer to you. I would have no problem helping you install your kit for FREE just to show you that we can backup our product. However, being an internet vendor the best I can do is offer a 2-YEAR WARRANTY and backup my product with positive reviews (which I am hoping should come shortly on this thread).

I am not sure what has you so riled up about my product, but if you have had a terrible experience with an online seller for these types of products, please don't take it out on me. I haven't done anything to you, and I am here simply to provide a good product to greatlakes members at a great price.

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