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Originally Posted by adamzr2 View Post
personally i think every post you make is completely useless. im sure a few other members on this site would agree, other than the 2 other useless members from paw paw who i wouldnt doubt youve been gangbanged by.

im not saying he should or shouldnt get back on the bike, its up for him to decide, and you cant change that. As far as being a "bitch" for not getting back on, ive never been in that position. i have however had moments riding my bike that have scared the shit out of me, which these moments have made me think a little differently everytime i get on the bike.

but thats just me, i dont know anything and judging by the bike your brother rides, and knowing the bike i ride, we are "bitches" to you for riding a "bigger" bike.

in all reality i just dont like who you portray yourself as on the internet, not that you care, or do i care for your feelings towards me. just throwing that out there... kthnxbye

I never said anyone who rode a rocket was a bitch, many of them are assholes because they think they are better than everyone else. I myself wouldn't mind eventually getting a rocket so in turn that would make me a bitch as well, but I already have bitch like tendencies so I guess thats ok with me.

I'd love to know how you think I potray myself on this site? I don't talk myself up or come off as a badass with an agenda. I've only seen you post in maybe a handful of the threads I myself post in, which would mean you must stalk me around the board reading everything I've ever posted, which in turn would mean you have a problem...

I joined beause I wanted/still would like to buy a damn Jeep. I stick around because SOME of the members here are pretty damn decent people. There are a few like yourself apparently who like to start shit with everyone. This is only 1 of many threads I've seen you start shit in. So maybe your the problem???

Simply stating a fact about how I think its ignorant to try and guilt someone to not get back on a bike is where I was aimed. Getting all holier than thou on me because I don't ride a rocket therefore I apparently have no idea what I'm talking about was all you. Never once did I refer to you or your motorcycle in my post, but maybe the lack of a decent public school education as hindered your ability to read properly?

and just an fyi, I've never been to paw paw, nore could I tell you where the hell it's even at in the state other than down by grand rapids-ish, and I'm not even sure thats correct.

So to be clear. I do not nore have I ever given a shit about what you or any other of your "pals" think of me. I didn't join to be everyones best friend and I didn't join to be some air headed girl looking for attention. So in conclusion just because you don't like me doesn't mean my world is going to stop turning.
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