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Originally Posted by Ember View Post
So your saying its better to be a scared bitch after you fall off your bike than to man up and get back on and continue doing something you love?

So if you fell outta bed would you stop sleeping in your bed because it hurt?

Sorry but I think its very ignorant to try and guilt someone into not doing something. He wants very badly to get back on a bike and I think that someone trying to guilt him into staying off is just stupid.

I ride a bike bigger than my brothers rocket and if I fell off I sure as hell would get back on. So unless you know me personally you stfu and keep your bitch judgements to yourself. Kthx.
personally i think every post you make is completely useless. im sure a few other members on this site would agree, other than the 2 other useless members from paw paw who i wouldnt doubt youve been gangbanged by.

im not saying he should or shouldnt get back on the bike, its up for him to decide, and you cant change that. As far as being a "bitch" for not getting back on, ive never been in that position. i have however had moments riding my bike that have scared the shit out of me, which these moments have made me think a little differently everytime i get on the bike.

but thats just me, i dont know anything and judging by the bike your brother rides, and knowing the bike i ride, we are "bitches" to you for riding a "bigger" bike.

in all reality i just dont like who you portray yourself as on the internet, not that you care, or do i care for your feelings towards me. just throwing that out there... kthnxbye
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