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Just wanted to put my .02 in for these things. I have had the TBI kit on my 383 stroker for several years now and have had 0 trouble with is except having to drill out the idle cap and adjust the idle. I run a bigger cam and many more mods so it wanted to idle too low...PCM programming.

Anyway, it was by far the easiest EFI kit I have ever installed....I have done 7 after market kits and 2 "home brew" kits. The howell is way above the others.

You need one of these if you have a carb...stays runing on very steep side hills and no problems going up or down hills. It just rocks.

it's all stock type parts so you can stop in at any auto parts place and get a MAP sensor or an injector if you need one. Kits comes with a in-line fuel pump that runs quiet so no dropping of the tank is required.

All sensors are included including a knock sensor and 02. Now you would think that all kits would come with these things but they don't. Most of the TBI aftermarket kits run in open loop...basicly running on a pre-set fuel and spark curve. With the knock sensor and o2, the computer goes into closed loop and can adjust to different fuel types, take advantage of advancing the timing more while using better fuel and changes in altitude.

The harness is way cool. Best I have seen...even better than (dare I say) Painless. All wires have cool tags on them to tell you what they comes with a small fuse box and the diagnostic data port for checking codes. Even has output for a check engine light.

Great kit. They can program it for "built" motors too. They had to program mine for the 383...did the prom and the ESC based on my displacement, compression and cam. Bill is a great guy (he's the owner) and he answered all of my questions about his kit.
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