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the first thing I would do is find out what RPM that pump needs to turn at, then decide if you want to set it up to run a high idle (when the PTO is engaged) or if you want it to run at the set idle, then get your PTO to match that if the pump needs to turn at 1500 RPM, then you could set it up so the truck runs at 1500 automatically when the PTO is engaged, and then run a 1:1 PTO, or you could run the truck at the stock idle (750?) and run a 2:1 PTO...

I would opt for the high idle circuit, and a 1:1 PTO, but make sure you do not ever over-rev that pump...the pump wont be happy...

as for where to get the parts, there are plenty of places to get them, but you may have to order the correct PTO to run with your trans...coud try any farm store (TSC, etc) any heavy truck parts place or dealer, or basically any auto parts store...the parts stores will likely be able to order the parts for you, but probably not the cheapest route, Napa would probably be the best bet to get the parts at a decent price, as far as auto parts stores go. Chevy dealer may also have the PTO you need, and would be the best palce to get any info/parts on how to setup the engage circuit (using trans hydraulic pressure) and how to setup the high idle circuit

Other things your going to have to deal with are mounting the pump (will probably need to fab a bracket to hold the end of it) mounting a hydraulic tank and possibly a cooler, routing/making the hydraulic hoses, may have to rerout the exhaust depending on where the exhaust runs compared to where the PTO/pump will be mounted, setting up the PTO engage hydraulics or electrical circuit, and figureing out how to setup the high idle circuit, and make it so that it automatically disengages the PTO and high idle when you hit the brakes, put it in gear, hit the throttle pedal, etc.

I have never setup a PTO on anything that small, so I cant help with anything other then the general principles..sorry...

make sure you coat the splines between the pump and the PTO with a liberal amount of anti-sieze, or they wil rust togethor in a short period of time
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