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Originally Posted by Slade View Post
Dow's closing on Jan 20, 2009 was 7949.09
Today it is 9742.00
Get a claculator asshat, that means it is UP !!
Nice to see another mindless liberal with no direction just typing away.

I don't know about you but the election I was involved in took place in November of 2008, not January of 2009. Was that the day the mindless liberals voted???

The bumper sticker I had on my truck when Bush was in said "Holy fukc George What Do I Do With All This Money I'm Making"
The other one said "Damn George The DOW Is Heading To 1700". That would be some 6000 points higher than it is now, you may need a calculator to figure that out.
And the final one said" Come on George Whats Wrong Terrorist Leaders Aren't Calling You Their Brother" Oblabla fixed that one.

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