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Alright, I don't know all the details but I have been keeping up with the news as much as possible.
To each his own and all, but I saw a local family on last nights news, they are from Lebanon. Apparently there whole family over there was wiped out when 2 rockets hit there home.
I'm sorry for them. I'm sure they were a part of the innocent and they were planning on coming to the US. But they also showed this local family in a church pleading for Bush to step in.

Like I said, I don't know all the details so I could be way off base here, and catch a wrath from you all but...
My point of view, we are already in the middle of one freaking war! We have lost thousands of troops and will unfortunately lost more before they come home.
I say lets finish the fight we are in before we get involved with another one.

Are we already over there, are we already involved?
It just seems like some people think that because they are a citizen here even though your from another country, they we have to step in a whoop some ass when their home country is in trouble!

Sorry if I'm way off here, I'm sure someone will read this and I'll get stoned for it but that's my 0.50 worth, I would say 0.02 but it's too long of a post

(be gentle)
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