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Originally Posted by pistol pete View Post
one other idea, you might want to check and see if you have a bad motor mount if the motor is torquing over more than it should when you mash it ,that could do it as well.
just an idea, your probably right, about the jack sagging, thats a lot of weight hanging off the back of the trans.
Motor mounts are good

Originally Posted by Jeepaholic View Post
Na, cleaned her off. Besides yours has been apart longer. And I work on mine once in a great while

I am going to start charging interest on that axle you still haven't touched

Mclovin get a fucking life loser, some people have more important things to spend time on like a family

The YJ has been down 2.5 years, and I work 45-65 hours a week in the summer. I just don't have time right now, or the extra cash for that matter especially since my wife is going for her masters now. Do you think I enjoy looking at it sitting there? I'm not going to skip bills to fix a jeep that isn't a DD though.

If you need the axle from under the flatty, I'll pull it into the portable garage and cut the old one out, or you can pick up yours. I just have not had time to do it, and have not really wanted to yet because EVERY swap we have done on either jeep has gone way over budget and time, I have not been driving it anyway because I have not even had time to pull the oil pan and fix it in 2 months.

BTW do you need a jeep 231 case too or just the 231C internals? I know I have some 231C cases. I have not found the jeep ones though as I have not been to my dads.

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