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Originally Posted by 1badzuk View Post
nope you said it was fake you said you would post it and say sorry for dragging me into this deal! you havent so you may as well come clean or take your fake to court and get what you can (ever try and take a person to small claims court???? you wont see the inside of a courtroom till after christmas!!!!!!! then good luck getting him to pay. -i know because i had to take my boss to court for my check.)

for you keeping your end of the deal i was going to pull the money my self from his check then send it to you 1 lump sum for being a man and admiting what you did!!!! yup thats right all of your $$$ minus fees just like you said on the 3rd of oct

For being a man and admitting what he did? HE PAID IN FULL FOR A TRUCK YOUR WORTHLESS ASS OLD MAN SOLD!!
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