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Originally Posted by 1badzuk View Post
wow you said on the phone it was fake and now you come here and still drag my balls in the mud.

i said you will get your money wether you admit it was fake or not! the only stipulation was if you come here and publicly admit you forged it like you said, i would make sure it was 1 lump sum!!!!! not 3 month wait

bad mouth me or kick me in the nuts again and i will let you deal with my dad for the money in court 10 bucks a week thats 100 wekks to get it paid off thats if he even pays the judgment!!!!

just take that in for a moment HMMMMMMM 1 lump sum or many many payments!

someone has to say it. Quit whining like a little fucking BITCH. you bitched and started a thread about how he was late paying the money, Now your pulling some even bigger shit, quit being a fuckign bitch, grow some god damn balls, the cock out of your mouth, and make your old man to the right fucking thing. as im sure 90% of the people here would agree, you and your old man are lucky hes as patient as he is.
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