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Couldn't post up yesterday because I worked EMS 7AM yesterday till 7AM today and was running like crazy on the ambulance and I just got home.

Like 1badzuk says, we talked yesterday.....

I owed him an apology for dragging him into this so far. It was between me and his dad and he didn't deserve to have his reputation as a stand up seller on here drug down. I didn't know he did so much business on here and relied on it for his personal income so much. Had I known that, I would have contacted him personally. Again though, I was under the impression that this was a "Father and Son" sale, since he NEVER made mention that it was just his dads in the original "For Sale" post. I apologized to him yesterday on the phone and I'm doing it publically here for what it's worth.

Sorry for dragging yur ass into this.

That was 1/2 of the stipulation surrounding me getting my money back from them, no questions asked.

As for the other 1/2......

He wanted me to publically come on here and tell you all that I forged the contract. He told me his dad claimed he never signed it. I know for a fact it's real. I had to remind him that his Dad was a raging alchie who has major brain damage that can cause him to forget things and do stupid shit....

Like the time he had sold the truck to me for the full $1000 I had paid for it, and while waiting to pick it up, he "forgot" that he had sold it and then sold it to someone else.

Or the time he claims I never made the last payment altogether. Which I have proof that I did....(see receipts about 8 pages back)....

He even admitted that his dad has done a lot of stupid shit like this in the past, which I'm sorry, I really am. THat seriously sucks to have that sort of shit happening in your life.

But don't try to pawn it off that it isn't real and that he didn't sign it. It is real. He did sign it. Whether he forgot or didn't doesn't matter. When I got it back in the mail, it was signed.

I'm sorry he has a lot of fuckin issues, but I'm not going to be told to "say it's a fake" to get my fucking money back.

I apologized to you. I held up my end of the deal.

FUCK, I'm even letting you send me, (as you put it on the phone yesterday morning) "somewhere between $300 and $500 around the 3rd of October" and then another "$300 - $500 around the 3rd of November" followed by any remaining balance around the 3rd of DECEMBER.

That's 3 fuckin months I'm giving you low lives to pay off what took me a month to get to you.

DUDE. DROP IT! It's real. You're old man's a crook, a drunk, a crackhead and a forgetful liar with a bad set of side effects in FULL EFFECT due to the head injury.
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