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Originally Posted by 1badzuk View Post
YOU said its my deal own up so now its my deal and i left him feedback
OK then YOU owe him the money not your Dad and you take the blame your Dad rightfully deserves. Be careful what you ask for.

I understand sticking up for family. There comes a time if the family member is pulling you down to their drunk, drug habit, ex-con , lying to you level you got to cut them loose. After all he had nothing to loose, you did, at least good reputation and now you lost that.

Lets just say you are right there was no contract. Your side of this admits the truck was paid off prior to your old man selling it. In IL (I know you are not in IL, but I can't speak for MI law) that's grand theft auto, he sold a vehicle that he didn't own. Also you brokered that deal so you are caught up in this too because of your dad's actions, and lies. He is the one you should be pissed off at. He keeps pulling you down with him like the Titanic, which is truly unfortunate.

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