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Hillbilly: Judge, I paid these men x sum of money, for a truck. They sold it from underneath of me after it was to be paid off. Here is the proof. His father I believed used the money to fund his crack habit. I just want my money.

Badzuk&dad: He has a fake contract and he was late on paytments!!!!!!!

Judge: Did he make payments cashed by you or your father?

Badzuk: well, yes but they were late, and HE HAS A FALSE CONTRACT!!!!!!!!!!!

Judge: what were the payments being made for?

Badzuk: a truck, AND HE HAS A FALSE CONTRACT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Judge: Where is the truck after he paid for it?

Badzuk: my dad sold it to another party.

Judge: My judgement is for the defendant (hillbilly) for the sum of $1,000 plus time off work, cort filing fees, total of 1,689.56. That is my judgement.

Are you sure you want to bring this to court?
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