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Originally Posted by jeepinRRT View Post
Seriously, this guy is going over to a buddies house to scan this crap, you really think he has the means/ability to photoshop fake documents?
Trust me computer skills are about as good as my differential equations skills and my calculus skills. Which both suck.

Originally Posted by 1badzuk View Post
hillbillyrockstar does not have any signed contract.
my dad never sent any contract to him nor did he send one to us to sign so i know its BS that he is talking
Ok, first of all...yea I do have a signed contract....maybe yur dumbfuck drunk old man forgot to tell you that or just doesn't want to admit it. Or maybe he altogether forgot that he signed it, just like he forgot that he already had sold the truck when he turned around and re-sold it out from under me.

Head injuries that arn't properly cared for can cause people to forget things.

Just like last week, when I DID SEND THE FINAL BALANCE TO MIKE on the 16th, only to have him call me up begging me to go back to Wally world and resend it with a secret question since he forgot his I.D., which irritatingly enough, I did.

That's just ridiculous. Seriously. What kind of idiot goes to a moneygram location without an ID and just expects them to just hand over a pile of money? That's like going to the bar without your ID when your 21 and gettin all bent outta shape when they don't serve you.

Now he's claiming I didn't send the last payment at all. You're spouting off that I was going to come pick it up last weekend along with the final payment, which I had already paid on the 16th.

I told him specifically that I WAS NOT going to be there last weekend. THERE WAS NO SET TIMEFRAME THAT I HAD TO HAVE THE SONOFABITCH OFF HIS FAWKIN PROPERTY! All that was agreed upon was that I needed to have it paid off by the 19th and that it was up to me to get it out of there. If it was not paid up on by the 19th, then all my money was to be returned except the $200 security deposit.

I held up my part of the deal dude. I had given you the total balance and then some, along with getting it to you by the 19th. Like it or not, you owe me either 1- 87' F350 460 4 spd 4x4, or $1000 CASH. NOW!

I guess what I'm sayin is, like it or not, there was a contract. And there are receipts to proove it. Just cuz' yur old man is a crackjob with a bad drinking problem who can't remember his ass from a hole in the ground is not my fault.

Oh....thought you might like these as well...

See there? The only part that is not accounted for is the $90 I sent by mail...

Oh, btw....

(See those calluses on that dudes hand? Those are from him working for his money. Something you, your old man, and the others like you who fukc people over on a regular basis know nothing about!)

Originally Posted by ppkaprince98 View Post
We are all waiting????????
Oh and you? You can go fawk yurself....
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