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Default Bad Seller Alert! BIG ISSUE! Calling out 1badzuk for some answers...

Not sure if there is a "bad sellers/buyers" area on this site at all (or if this is even in the right place for that matter), but I need to put this up here to let everyone know what has gone down in the last month between me and a certain seller. If this needs to be redirected to another area, let me know.


About a month and a half ago, I came across
truck for sale. I talked to Dan at the beginning of August (1badzuk) and he redirected me to his Dad (Mike) who was selling the truck. I told him that I was just starting a new job, and would love to buy the truck, and would be able to if he worked out some sort of payment plan with me to allow me to be able to pay him every 2 weeks or so.

He said that was fine and wanted to get rid of the truck and would let it go for $1000. He just wanted to know when I would have the truck paid off by. I told him if everything went according to plan, I would have it paid off in full by Mid September. I knew I could probably have it paid off sooner than that, but I wanted the extra 2 weeks as a cushion so money wasn't so tight, and so if something came up in the middle, I'd have the extra 2 weeks of September.

Mike said that was fine and we agreed that I would have the truck paid off in full by Saturday, September 19 2009. There was no set payment schedule or anything like 1badzuk says there was. It was just pay as much as I can between August and mid-September and as long as it's paid in full by the 19 of September, everything was cool and the truck was mine.

We also agreed that if the truck was not paid off by the 19th, that he keeps the truck and the deposit, but mails me back everything else I have paid for. There was no talk of him keeping the entire balance, along with the truck. He just asked that I keep him abreast of everything and up to date on the situation.

On August 9, I called Mike and explained to him that I could get him the $200 deposit he was asking for, but that since i had just started the new job, I had to wait for the check to clear and my phone had been shut off the last couple days....but I called him as soon as I had gotten paid and had the money and had the phone got turned back on. He said it was fine, but wanted the money that day, not any later, and that if I sent it by money gram, a payment of $180 would suffice, since there are fees associated with sending money via money gram. The first payment was sent on the 9th.

Around August 19, I called Mike and explained to him that I'd HAD to go to Baltimore, MD to take a Fire Department application test for the Baltimore City Fire Dept. I explained to him that while out there, my truck broke down causing me to have to buy a new fuel pump, alternator and battery, which I had to pay to have the fuel pump installed. I told him that if he wanted out of the deal, I completely understood, but would appreciate if he would work with me and take $90 from me this time around. I sent it to him through the mail, and he acknowledged that he had received it. He was very understanding and just said to make sure the $1000 is paid up by Mid September.

On September 3, I again talked to Mike and told him I had his money and this time around, I would be sending him $380. He said to just send it via moneygram again and he would eat the extra fees associated with sending it.

On September 16, I send the final payment of $356.00 which he also requested I send via moneygram and again, he would eat up any fees incurred by doing it that way so that he could get his money right away. I even had sent it and had to go back to Wal-Mart and resend it since Mike did not have an I.D. and needed me to resend it to him with a secret question. I talked with him and told him I would be picking up the truck this coming Sunday and he said that was fine, just to give him a call a day or 2 in advance so that he could make arrangements to be around when I wanted to pick it up.

Well this last week, from Wednesday afternoon till Thursday night, I went BACK out to Baltimore for an interview and did not take my phone. I checked the messages this morning around 6:30 AM when I got back, and here's what Mike basically said in a message he left Wednesday nite.

"Hey Zach, this is Mike. Yea man, got some bad news about that one ton. She's gone. Yea, I er....well, just give me a call when you get this and I can explain. Bye."

So what did I do? I called him right back up at 6:30 AM this morning leaving him a message trying to figure out WTF is up. He didn't pick up, so I laid down and got a few hours of sleep. I woke up around 11 and looked and he hadn;t called yet. I call him back and he picks up.

He basically told me that he's had a drinking problem and hasn't drank in the last 5 years. He said like Tuesday or Wednesday night, he started drinking and yea....SOLD THE FAWKIN TRUCK AFTER I HAVE ALREADY PAID IT OFF! I even paid it off 2 days ahead of when we had agreed on.

By now I'm fawkin furious......

It's all good tho. He said he's sorry and he'll "Do what he can" to get me most of my money back!

That's reassuring.


So I try calling up Dan (1badzuk) and he's nowhere to be found. Funny. The fucker had no problem picking up the phone right when I called about buying it and had questions about it. He had no problem picking up when I had questions about where to send money to. Now he's long gone.

So I tried looking on here to see if he'd tried to contact me, since I havn't been on here in a while, and low and behold, nothing. Not a PM, no e-mails, no phone calls...NOTHING!

Its kinda funny. The pussy couldn't call me or email/PM me and ask me about what's up, (even tho this isn't his sale), yet, he came on here and basically started a whiny little piss and moan thread about how he was mad because I was a couple days late on sending the down payment since my phone was shut off and I was waiting for the 1st paycheck to clear.

it is...


Any pointers?

I havn't talked with my local PD yet, as I'm not sure there is anything they can do. Should I go the lawyer route? Like I said, I'm furious. If a tree had fallen on it, or it burnt, or a drunk went off the road and hit it, that'd be one thing, but this is just fawking ridiculous. I have a signed contract and I have the receipts that show that I paid all of this to Mike. I don't know if any of that helps. I also have his address.

ANY HELP guys?
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