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Default groaning noise, Im lost.

so about a year ago my truck, 1989 GMC K1500, with 3" skyjacker lift, started making a rythmic groaning noise... originally it would only do it on a right turn, at a decent rate of speed, like off ramps and such. now its to the point where it does it rolling down the driveway. it sounds like its coming from the front end somewhere.

my first instinct was unit bearing, so i replaced it and no improvements.

next i decided my CV shaft was binding.. so I replaced that, and the ball joints while I was in there. when i had the half shaft out i could turn the flange on the diff by hand no problem, when i bolted the new shaft to it the put the unit bearing back on (also new).. you could feel it binding when you turned it by hand. dont know if this makes a differance but it was on jack stands so the suspension was at full drop.

It sounds no different than when i started, so Im starting to think its something in the differential. I have 0 experience with GM IFS diffs, so do any of you have any insight on what it may be?

BTW, this all started when i put some mickeys on that wouldn't balance. I got death wobble at about 35 which probably raped my front end. ran them for a few weeks then put my old geolanders back on.
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