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Originally Posted by ronprice View Post
R&V has a trail system that is quite different than some of the other parks. We have smaller scramble areas and a lot of trails that wind around a lot. It would be unsafe to mix the trails with rigs and ATV's. The insurance issue is also a big part. The guest that we have are fully supportive of our choice not to allow them, and agree that the park is not set up for them anyways.
We do plan that next year we will be having a few ATV days. Not sure of when . Will have to wait till next season starts. TT has a great area and configuration for the mixing as well as Bundy.
There have been a few side by sides that we have let in,, BUT under certain conditions and reasons. We are trying to work out details for these rig sand hope to have a plan for the spring opening Thanks Ron
So can you explain those conditions and reasons, or would you rather wait until you have some rules set in stone?

My RZR-S has a roll cage, 4pt safety harnesses, insurance, will be street legal and registered/plated by spring, and is probably better built and safer than a lot of rigs people throw together in their garage that are on this site.

I just hate to see off road parks limiting their customers to people who only drive full size rigs. There aren't that many parks open in Michigan, so being discriminated against because some people are uncomfortable with the idea of quads running around in the same area as their Jeep is BS in my eyes. We are all in this for one have fun offroading the rigs we own. By clearly marking the trails and setting down some ground rules (speed limits, directional trails, etc), most accidents can and should be avoided in any park.

Somebody mentioned all of the vehicle/atv accidents at Silver Lake. A good majority of those are caused from people not paying attention to where they are going and driving directly across the drag strip. Who is to blame here? The quads for going fast, or the guy driving the truck that is focused on his temp gauge or the hill 200 yards away instead of 50' in front of his truck? Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of idiots out there on quads who don't look over their shoulder before making a fast 90 degree turn, so nobody is 100% innocent here...But we shouldn't try to ban one or the other because of this. People just need to pay a little more attention to their own driving and the people driving around them, and also some more signs designating certain areas couldn't hurt (drag strip, directional areas, areas with speed limits, etc).
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