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Default On Board Air Build

Since the work on the 2a has slowed a bit and it's in the shop getting some drivetrain work done, I have finally got around to installing the York based On Board Air system into my YJ. it's currently about 90% done while I wait for my tank, pressure switch and pipe to inverted flare fittings.

A big part of this was my budget. I didn't have oodles of cash to spend on this and it had to be in the range of $200. I have listed the items I used (part #'s where applicable) so if someone else was looking to do this inexpensively they could. my mounting is on a 350 sbc with a V-belt setup. Your drive may be different but the rest can still be applied.

all of the brackets were fabricated from leftover bits in the scrap bin.

Item List:
- York 210 compressor from the bone yard removed from an amc $20
- 2 4-port manifolds from HF $10.00
- 3' section of 3/8" hose $4.00
- 1/4"NPT fittings $12.00
- 2 1/4-20 x 1.75" socket cap screws $.66
- oil/water separator $5.00
- Intake filter with replaceable element (Grainger pt#4FY30) $9.69
- 2 125psi Safety Valves (Grainger pt#5A708) $13.92
- 1 check valve (Grainger pt#6D917) $9.32
- Misc Brass fittings $15.00
- Small Pressure Guages $16.00
- 1.5 gallon 6 port tank (Safe Vehicle Products) $32.00
- 120psi pressure swich (Safe Vehicle Products) $18.00
- Safety Toggle switch (20amp) and indicator light $13.00
- 2 1/4npt to 1/8npt brass bushings $4
- 2 1/4npt to 3/8 inverted flare fittings $5.00
- 1/4npt drain fitting $2.00
- 25' 3/8 steel tubing with fittings $47.00

Total so far $236.59

My York came with 45 degree flare fittings on top like you would find in any common hardware plumbing section. A trip to my buddies shop netted me a flare to 3/8" hose barb for free. for the intake we measured the inner diameter of the fitting and found it was the perfect size to simply run a 1/4NPT tap down it.

to get the compressor mounted, I chose to mount it next to the alternator since my lower spacer had a flat extension and fold down tab with a hole already on it making it a no brainer.

I had a bunch of over cut 1/2" angle pieces left over from the front bumper build. I put it on the spacer and marked the hole on the fold tab, then drilled and tapped the angle to 5/16-18 for a socket cap.

Then I removed the compressor, measured the center to center of the bottom mounting holes and made a cardboard template to mark the angle mount. I put the compressor in to align the belts ( I used the front empty groove on my water pump pulley and the front pulley of the York, which is great because it now uses the same short belt as my power steering and I had a bunch of those belts lying around) then I drilled 2 3/8" holes into the angle bracket.

then I mounted the bracket and marked the spacer where it needed to be drilled.

I removed the bracket and the spacer and bolted it all together on the bench and installed it.

I needed to make an upper bracket to stabilize it so I made a bracket that attached to one of the compressor side holes and attached to the upper alternator bracket. I used a small piece of 1/8" x 3/4" bar I had, rounded one end and polished it up.

I used the two 4 port manifolds and connected them to make 1 6 port manifold, added the elbows i needed and a gauge at the manifold.

Next I made a block to hold the manifold so out of some more bits of 1/2" scrap I made a base and a clamp to fit between the two manifold sections. I drilled 1/4" holes through the clap portion and tapped the base for 1/4-20 threads. I assembled it with the 2 1/4-20x2" bolts. I also made a 1/4" hole in the base to mount to an existing 1/4-20 threaded hole from the oem jack.

I used the 1/4NPT fittings to make the intake of the oil/water separator to the top. with a quick connect for the compressor input.

then out of some scrap angle and flat stock I made a fender mount bracket to hold the separator with a stainless hose clamp.

I installed the output hose onto the barb and installed the separator.

then I installed the check valve into the manifold with hose barb and put the manifold safety relief (125psi) in the manifold as well. (I am running 2 safety valves, one at the manifold and one at the tank). Installed the manifold block and the hose from the separator.

Then installed the intake filter/silencer on the intake

my tank and pressure switch should be here wednesday.
I plan to plumb from the manifold to the tank with 3/8" brake line with the tank mounting behind the rear seat on the passenger wheel well so I will update when I get more done.

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