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Default 22r propane conversion

Well, after steeling the idea from nyxis I decided to try to put together my own propane conversion for my 22r in my land cruiser.

After doing a lot of research and not finding anything, I found a number for acme alternate fuels in Minnisota. I called and talked to Dave, he helped me though all the parts.

So for about $480 I got everything I needed minus a K&N filter and LB tanks.

Acme Alternate Fuel Systems, Inc

1.-PN# 200M-2-2 Mixer, 3-1/16” air horn, Silcone diaphragm
1.-PN# Cobra 500705 Converter
1.-PN# VFF30-3 Vacuum actuated shut off and Fuel filter
1.-PN# 84EZ Vapor hose elbow 1”x ½”NPT
1.-PN# 86EZ Vapor hose elbow 1”x3/4”NPT
3’-PN# VH-100 1” Vapor hose
PN# FC321-06 High Pressure Hose 5/16” ID, Size 06 Hose
1.-PN# T-443 Bulkhead Fitting
1.-PN# 3125L Hydrostatic Relief valve
1.-PN# 7141F Female Forklift Quick coupler
1.-PN# 7141M Male Forklift Quick coupler
1 or 2.-PN# TB-2 Forklift Bracket horizontal for 33lb and 43lb cylinders
2.-PN# 53SB Hose Nipples (for heater hose) 5/8”x 3/8” NPT

Misc fittings, depends on application

PN# 190302-6S 90 degree 06 hose High pressure fitting
PN# 4401-6S Straight 06 hose High pressure fittings
PN# 149F-6-4 3/8” flare to ¼”NPT Male elbow 90 degre
PN# 48F-6-4 3/8” flare to ¼”NPT straight male connector

Prices vary based on length of fuel hose, type of fittings and how many forklift tank brackets you may buy. I was right around $480 shipped to my door. I bought a few extra fittings that I did not end up using. I also bought some other fittings from lowes.

This Cobra converter is only rated to up to 125 HP. So if you plan to run this on a turbo or a motor with more then 125HP, you would need to get a bigger converter. The 200m-2-2 carb/mix is plenty large enough to a very large array of motor sizes.

Fuel filter and vaccum fuel lock, This guy runs on vaccum pressure instead of a 12V+ wire. I like this idea for if my land cruiser was to get out of control and happen to die, it would lock off the fuel. With the 12v+ wire fuel lock, you often run the to a hot wire on your column and if you needed to get the fuel locked off, you would need to turn the key.

To figure out your high pressure hose length, you need to measure from where you plan to mount your tank to where you plan to mount your filter and converter. Be sure to get enough hose to also make a line from your tank to the bulk head.

I will get some pics of the install stuff soon.
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