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Originally Posted by Mr Toes
If you're talking about US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan I don't think the attacks will ever stop as long as we are in those countries. So the only conclusion I can think of is packing up and going home. Maybe those that want a continued US military presence there have an idea. I don't, which is a big part of why I was not in favor of going into Iraq when we did. Not way out.
Why stop there, get all of our troops out of every foriegn country.
I wish that was something we could do, but it's probably not in our best national interests. Why not?

Sure, tax more spend less. But what do you cut that won't cause more problems?
Tax less spend less. Cut foriegn aid, eliminate the IRS and federal income tax, cut the money we spend on Congress and the House, cut politians salaries, cut the money given to foriegn companies, increase tax on foriegn imports, start running the country like a busniess.
I would support that. Ain't gonna happen though.
Not with a liberal government, You have to vote independant, or against all seated politicans.

I understand that many have fake documentation. I do not expect employers to become forgery detection experts, but I'm also sure that some employers don't go through the proper methods but just pay cash under the table. I don't have a problem with sending them to prison, but were going to need more prisons. Theres a lot of then out there.
Gitmo will hold about 600. What will you do with the other 12 million?
How do you eat an Elephant????? One bite at a time.....
12 million just became 11,999,400....
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