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We are at war with groups in Iran and Afghanistan. No, we are not at war with "The Country of..." But our solders are there, getting attacked and attacking, killing and dieing. I don't care what you, Obama, Bush, or the media calls that. I call it war. And that is what we need to find an end to. I did not say anything about troops leaving. If we can somehow end up with a stable government that likes us in either place it would make sense to have military bases there like we have in Germany and Japan. I'm not sure if that will ever happen. What sensible conclusion do you see regarding a conclusion to attacks on Americans?
If you're talking about US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan I don't think the attacks will ever stop as long as we are in those countries. So the only conclusion I can think of is packing up and going home. Maybe those that want a continued US military presence there have an idea. I don't, which is a big part of why I was not in favor of going into Iraq when we did. Not way out.

No, nothing like that. So you say

Yep, thats what I say.

I'm sure that everyone wishes it really was that easy.
And I don't care what Jen or Obama think. It is, this is so simple but nobody wants to do it.

Sure, tax more spend less. But what do you cut that won't cause more problems?

No, but I can condemn a company for violating federal law. It is against the law for someone to hire someone that is not eligible to work here. You a business owner that employs people aren't you? then I don't have to explain what in I-9 form is. I'm all for getting rid of that "liberal politically correct albatross" and let you ask the questions that need to be asked to determine if the person is eligible to work here.

I know a ton of people that have non english speking people working for them, they all provide a complete W-9 social security information and every other piece of information we as employers are allowed to ask for. They also have employees deported on a regular basis because they are here illegally....How can you blame the employer. They should punish the illegal. put them in prison for 5 years in harsh conditions, then send them packing, they won't want to come back so soon. Hey send them to Gitmo....

I understand that many have fake documentation. I do not expect employers to become forgery detection experts, but I'm also sure that some employers don't go through the proper methods but just pay cash under the table. I don't have a problem with sending them to prison, but were going to need more prisons. Theres a lot of then out there.

Which cart and horse combo are you referring to?
The we don't really know the problem but lets have a solution horse and cart. Just like you said" Before you can fix something you have to figure why it's broken."

Oh, you were agreeing with me. I'm not used to that LOL
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