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The first thing I'd like to see is both these wars brought to a sensible conclusion. What wars, are we at war with the Country of Iraq, or Afganastan??? If we're not and we are occupying them like Germany, after a war then we should leave Germany, Japan, and every other foriegn country we're in.
We are at war with groups in Iran and Afghanistan. No, we are not at war with "The Country of..." But our solders are there, getting attacked and attacking, killing and dieing. I don't care what you, Obama, Bush, or the media calls that. I call it war. And that is what we need to find an end to. I did not say anything about troops leaving. If we can somehow end up with a stable government that likes us in either place it would make sense to have military bases there like we have in Germany and Japan. I'm not sure if that will ever happen.
The Gitmo prison had to close because it because to much of a symbol to be used against us. Kinda like the American Flag
No, nothing like that.


Next, lets take a good look at the status of our economy and come up with a plan that will promote long term growth and get the government away from running and over regulating businesses. You are correct that most of the jobs that went overseas are never coming back. Rather than trying to get them back what we should be doing is looking forward at what the next big thing will be. Whether you believe in global warming or not, much of the world does, so right now the big thing is "green technology" so I think that is where the new jobs of the next decade or 2 will be. We should be doing all we can to develop that technology and the means to produce it here. Somewhere in all this e need to figure out how to balance the budget. Don't spend more than you make. Don't try to pay for everbodys health insurance. This one is simple. We can't keep going further and further into debt. I dunno Jen seems to think thats the way to get ahead, and it looks like Oblabla feels the same way....
I'm sure that everyone wishes it really was that easy.
And I don't care what Jen or Obama think.

Yes, the borders should be made more secure. But first I think we should crack down on the people and companies that are hireing the illegals. If there coming for job, then if you get rid of the jobs they'll quit coming. And yes, we also need to review our legal immigration policy. It should be geared to what is best for the country as a whole. I don't think it is. You can't condem a company for putting someone to work. Its not a companies responsibility to police immigration. Illegal immigrants don't put we are illegal immigrants on a job application, and also the liberal politically correct albtrosses around the neck of America have made asking to many questions to minorities on a jiob application a big no no. So now you tell the employer here are the questions you can legally ask, they won't tell you if someone is an illegal alien but you have to figure that out, Hmmm lets see, yeah, with your empoyer crystal ball.
No, but I can condemn a company for violating federal law. It is against the law for someone to hire someone that is not eligible to work here. You a business owner that employs people aren't you? then I don't have to explain what in I-9 form is. I'm all for getting rid of that "liberal politically correct albatross" and let you ask the questions that need to be asked to determine if the person is eligible to work here.
As for health care I'd like to see some changes that lower the cost for everyone and make it more available to more people, regardless of where they work. But I agree with Duffman that we don't seem to have even decided exactly what the problems are and how they got that way. Before you can fix something you have to figure why it's broken.

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Kinda the horse before the cart.
Which cart and horse combo are you referring to?
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