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Originally Posted by MusKegon_ZJ_gurl View Post
Labs are diggers.
They can be broken of this bad habit.

EDIT: They also like to chew and chase everything that moves.
Most of these "bad" behaviors leave around 3 years of age,
this seems to be when they grow a brain.

I have 3 labs that are excellent dogs (now).
They need a lot of attention and training, but they learn fast
and are eager to please.
true in every aspect, harley is 1 year and 6 months old hes a big lover he will hop on the couch and lay his head on the kids lap and fall asleep hes the biggest attention horder ive ever known. who ever gets him will need to fix him and walk him every day and he will be perfect.

i should also add he knows alot of basic commands as sit, stay, laydown, shake, leave it. he does pretty good walking as well but HES STRONG LIKE A OX and im not kidding. me and him play fight every night and this dog is tough i dont suggest a 130lb woman walking him he likes to mark his territory.

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