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Originally Posted by Mr Toes View Post
Maybe not so much it, but the people we have running it, and the idea of two parties.
Maybe they should leave, better yet maybe WE should send them packing.
Start with Levin and Stabanaw, and get someone like Bob Barr or Ron Paul to replace em.

Originally Posted by brewmenn View Post
I agree with you there. The political machines on both side have become so entrenched that they pretty much just operate for their own good rather than the good of the people. I'd like to see us get away from the idea of 2 parties, the difficulty in that is that the 2 party system is not mandated by law but rather a resultant of our laws. In order to get 3 or more viable parties election laws and rules of congress would need to be changed. It may even require changes to the Constitution.
If both parties are the problem. Which I also think is the problem. Why wouldn't changing the people we vote for work? Instead of changing some meaningless law. We can vote 3rd party.
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