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Default GMC and My Drunken New GM Jeep Concept.

Brace yourself it's a long ride:

gmc94sonoma: yea, my dad works for GM and my buddy works in the R&D so im hopein i can get a job there
TheOmegaBASSIST: well...
TheOmegaBASSIST: don't make crap
TheOmegaBASSIST: make a GM Jeep
TheOmegaBASSIST: call it the I'mgoingtofuckrocksup-mobile"
gmc94sonoma: i think they are trying
gmc94sonoma: lol
TheOmegaBASSIST: 324875947" of lift from the factory
TheOmegaBASSIST: rolling on 7070" tires
TheOmegaBASSIST: superboggerclimbermudding tires
TheOmegaBASSIST: and 1:70847250487364 gears
gmc94sonoma: HELL YEA
TheOmegaBASSIST: hahahaha
TheOmegaBASSIST: s***...give the f***er 12 tires
gmc94sonoma: and make it nonflipable
TheOmegaBASSIST: hahahah
TheOmegaBASSIST: either that or build it into a gerbal ball
gmc94sonoma: so the socor moms can drive it
TheOmegaBASSIST: hahaha
TheOmegaBASSIST: you can just roll over rocks
gmc94sonoma: yes
TheOmegaBASSIST: ...give it the spin off top and everything
TheOmegaBASSIST: and the breathing slits
TheOmegaBASSIST: give it pontoons
gmc94sonoma: hell yea
TheOmegaBASSIST: and spinners...
TheOmegaBASSIST: but only for flight...of course
gmc94sonoma: specal containers that hold grocerybags
TheOmegaBASSIST: ...? not the KJ
TheOmegaBASSIST: a new vehicle!
gmc94sonoma: lol
TheOmegaBASSIST: you should make something to launch groceries!
TheOmegaBASSIST: give it 32 Daylighters
gmc94sonoma: chrome everywhere you can dip it
TheOmegaBASSIST: ...the h2 has 32 exterior lights can beat the fukc out of that
TheOmegaBASSIST: hahaha
TheOmegaBASSIST: dip the whole thing
gmc94sonoma: hellyea
TheOmegaBASSIST: make it a big chrome gerbal ball
gmc94sonoma: with 250 lights
TheOmegaBASSIST: ?
gmc94sonoma: make it look like a roling rave
TheOmegaBASSIST: I thought we had 32?
TheOmegaBASSIST: can it make UFO sounds?
TheOmegaBASSIST: ...strictly for rock crawling purposes
gmc94sonoma: well thats the sound of a supor high tec motor
TheOmegaBASSIST: hahahaa
TheOmegaBASSIST: in line 6 super high tech motor?
gmc94sonoma: YES
gmc94sonoma: with turbos on every cylender
TheOmegaBASSIST: hahahahaha
gmc94sonoma: 180 degree high performance headers
TheOmegaBASSIST: two turbos per cylinder
gmc94sonoma: heell yeaa
TheOmegaBASSIST: quadruple exhaust
TheOmegaBASSIST: two out the back
TheOmegaBASSIST: two out in front of the rear tires
gmc94sonoma: thatsa ultra cool
TheOmegaBASSIST: eh, what the hell
TheOmegaBASSIST: add two snorkels
TheOmegaBASSIST: and one of those little lights in the glove box
gmc94sonoma: gota have electronic limited slips front and rear
TheOmegaBASSIST: and a free pair of slippers
TheOmegaBASSIST: and those floor mats with the shoe prints in them
TheOmegaBASSIST: 39.5 point safety harnesses
gmc94sonoma: 44" tires with the cog at 12.5"
TheOmegaBASSIST: ...I already gave a tire dimension
gmc94sonoma: ahh s***
gmc94sonoma: your right

Now for some of our wonderful friend Hacksaw:

HackSawCJeep: i want some hot wings
HackSawCJeep: bring me some
HackSawCJeep: spicy garlic from BW3's
HackSawCJeep: thanks

HackSawCJeep: You are so good at it too!
TheOmegaBASSIST: Thanks mom!

I would like to formally appologize to everyone.

me-> <-me...

There...I did it for you.
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