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Its not bad. Its mostly fire roads/trails so theres alot of flat land and fire acreage. Ambrose lake trail system is alot of fun to ride but make sure your ready for it. Its pretty challenging with tight trails steep hills that are rutted out and have tree roots sticking out at you from the ground like the earth wants to eat you! I had my cousin take a bad bounce coming down a rocky hill and fell off the side of the trail about 12 ft. down, forgot to mention it was on the side of a steep hill. But it keeps you your toes and working that is for sure. The trail makes a giant loop that takes about 4-6 hours to do depending on how hard you ride and after you do the whole loop your pretty beat and just want to get back home.

There is a Trail that go's from ambrose lake system to St. Helen's motorsport area, its a big trail though and no has manned up enough to ride it with me yet but I plan on riding it soon, as long as its still open...
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