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wow i knew a guy one time that swore his mustang 5.0 would turn mid 10s and i waxed his ass with my moms old topaz lol

seriously thow if you cant turn mid 9s i dont give a shit about your car. im sure its cool and all just dont talk it up so much and people will beleive you a lot more.

my dad used to have a 68 firebird, the best it ever did was 9.6 and that took a very highly modified hemi and a whole lot of mods to the car. i cant remember off hand what the block was but it wasnt a true 426 hemi block , it had hemi heads on it and the displacememt worked out to around 413.

that car would tear the centers right out of the rims sadly it burned and that was the end of any racing my dad did. by the way the car was also (kind of) street legal.

if your serious about building real power dont talk about it, just do it. and pay attention to safety details. ive seen rear axles twist the back right off of cars and seen drive shafts go right threw the roof before.

back in highschool my dad built me an 80 camaro. it had a smallblock in it, you could get the driver side front wheel off the ground on take offs if you hooked up good but we never raced it. im geussing it would have only turned 13s.

problem with the camaro was no full frame. that engine basically ruined that car. couldnt keep good glass in it and tore the rear sub frame loose from the body.
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