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Default bad buyer on gl4x4????

i am currently selling a truck on here for my dad. a persom wants to buy it we shall call him bob. they stike a deal downpayment then weekly payments if any are late he keeps money and no deal UNLESS bob calls ahead both agree.

so bob wants the truck, my father works out a deal with him deposit was to be 200 he only sends 180 and 4 days late. wtf

so this payment (today) is 6 days late and 30 bucks short out of 120(he didnt call and wouldent answer phone) and he lied about when he put it in the mail(post mark says he sent it 3 days after when he said)

today being wed we got a 2nd payment late and the next will be due tommorow (thur)

SO should we call him and say wtf guy deals a deal if you cant stick to it you loose
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