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Originally Posted by Mr Toes View Post
George Bush Obama sucks ass and liberals are the torpedo that has punctured the hole in the side of the ship, and Rome, you have got to be kidding, you never heard of the fall of the Roman Empire, or the Burning of Rome, where do you think Nero was from. The guy hit it right on the head, and if you look closer you will see the direct connection to empires failing and liberal thinking. You should look at Hitler as well, he's a lot like Obama. Read some of Hitlers speaches you'll swear they are Obama campaign speaches.
I was referring to his comment about nations not lasting longer than 200 years. The Fall of the Roman Empire? Yes, and how long was Rome in existance before the fall? Hell, even the fall took more than 200 years. Marcus Aurelius wrote Meditations 160 years A.D., and theRoman Empire had been around a very long time before that.

Your attempts to upset me are juvenile at least, and pathetic at best. Troll someone else Toes, it won't work on me.
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