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Originally Posted by cmujeeper
Even though I don't want to admit that I think my own country would do something like this it seems that W and his band of monkeys are good candidates to have this done.

Kinda like when Roosevelt sent all the Aircraft carriers out of Pearl Harbor right before the attack . . . interesting, very intersting.

USS Enterprise had just delivered planes to WI and was enroute to Pearl at the time of the attack.
USS Lexington was enroute to MI to deliver planes.
USS Saratoga was at NAS San Diego at the time of the attack due to having just completed a major over-haul at Puget Sound.

These three ships comprised the carrier arm of the Pacific Fleet. They were under the command of Admiral Kimmel. Then, as now, the President cannot dispatch fleet assests at will.

As for the inferred notion that these assets were moved to "save" them, that is a rather sophomoric and dated argument. If, in fact, the USN had prior knowledge of an attack, all assets would have been better utilized by being put on station off the Northern and western approches to the Hawaiian Islands....they then would have been able to simultaneously attack the in-bound waves while launching a strike of their own at the Japanese carrier force. This would have denied unchallenged approach to Pearl and seriously compromised the ability of the Japanese force to recover their planes and launch a second wave( their fleet maintained virtually no CAP during the attack ). Advantage: USN

The resulting attack, while surely resulting in American losses, would have had a much better result for the USN. Also, the public outrage would still have been sufficient to propel us into the war. Advantage: USN

Unfortunately, since no hard data existed of an impending and direct assault on Pearl, bad timing and chance allowed the Japanese to inflict a serious blow to our fleet

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