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Haggar, not sure what you mean by batwing pan. The pan that came off was aluminum as was the one that went on. They are totally interchangeable, just the corvette one is not as deep. I think it changes is from an 8 quart capacity to 5. I also changed the baffle splash plate inside although I don't think I actually needed to. The corvette oil pan had nothing to do with the truck intake. There's no relationship there. I did it purely to keep the pan from getting smashed on a rock.

RE the 231 and 4.88's, the ratio is pretty good for general low range wheeling. With my current tire size, it's a damn good hill climber in low range but is a little too aggressive on rocks & stuff and there are times I wish I was closer to 4:1 instead of the 2.7:1. A new T-case is in the plans for the future. I have previously cracked a couple 231 cases but I beefed up the current case & haven't broken it since. I had also broken the front output shaft but ever since I went to a 2 pc carrier style front drive shaft I haven't had a problem. My theory is that with the shaft coming straight forward to the carrier bearing that I'm not putting any side load on it which helps it to survive. I'm totally aware that it's a weak link which is why I carry a complete spare T-case in my trailer.

BTW, if you get a new enough engine that has the throttle by wire, make sure you get the pedal, wiring harness and module from the same donor vehicle. Ask me how I know.
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