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Originally Posted by xlinkinpark2438x
actually when i was checking if the spark plugs were getting spark it caught on fire at the exhaust doughnut area soo i would imagine that it was gas. and like you said i dont see how it got there it should of burnt up or evaroprated. and i just got back from silver lake and i am going to do an compression check on it when i get the time and when i feel like messing with it for now i got my jeep to drive. but thanks for the advice hopefully i will get it going

i just went out there to check it out again and there is also oil at the exhaust manifold connection to the rest of the exhaust and i smell gas in the oil and looked in my radiator and i dont see any antifreeze. i do not think that it overheated because i usually watch all of my guages to make shure they dont go over the half way mark. (but maybe i didnt notice it) so i am not forshure that that it didnt overheat i also see some oil on that side of the block looked to be coming from the head gasket.

i was woundering on your thoughts on if it could be a bad head gasket, or bad piston rings or both thanks

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