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Originally Posted by Bones View Post
P0155 - heated oxy sensor bank 02 sensor 1 circuit fault
P1151 - lack of oxy switches bank 02 sensor 1

This is my neighbors vehicle, trying to help them out. They just bought it and this started right away. There is a hesitation in the engine from 35-40 mph while in OD, very low RPMs. I can't get it to do it in any other speeds.

cleaned the MAF, didnt do a thing.

Obvious explanation would be a bad oxy sensor, but I am reading a lot of things online that say people replaced the sensor and nothing changes. I don't really want to waste their money if that isn't it ($55). I would pin in out first, but it is a PITA to get to the harness there while the vehicle is running. I found a fuse that is labeled for "oxy sensors, transmission solenoids, etc etc" and it is fine.

I'm thinking swap the oxy sensor and hope, then start tracing wires. Usually (with my experiances) when oxy sensors fail they give rcih or lean codes, which are completely different than the circuit fault this is throwing.

any help, thanks.
1. Check fuses for the O2 sensors with a DVOM - sometimes what looks fine isn't
2. Check for 12V @ the heater pin
3. Check your kams and see which way they're off in the area the hesitation is
4. What is B1 doing, and how are the kams for that bank?
5. Also - I just thought about it - when you get the hesitation, what is lockup doing?

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