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Aren't we all, (those of us that are still working), paying for this already? If someone walks into a hospital, they can't be refused if I understand the printed message at the front desk of the emergency room.
The health care system isn't broken, it's become corrupt. Insurance companies have found ways to dictate to us and the doctors that treat us. If one stands back and looks at it, the insurance companies have become a middle man so to speak. I am talking about both the health insurance and the doctors liability insurance companies. The system does need repair, no doubt about it. I would rather see adjustments made to the system we have to reduce the waste and corruption. I also would rather a REAL doctor decide that a procedure should be done and covered, rather than an insurance company.
I would imagine the insurance companies have doctors working for them that decide these things. I also have noticed that when companies hire professional people to work for them, they favor the company. Think about it. It happens in all companies. If they don't the companies would fail.
It does all come down to money.
It really is a shame that a country such as this, has this problem. It should of had a great health care system for all Americans back 50 years ago.
OK I'm done ranting.
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