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Originally Posted by FORD FLARESIDE View Post
I know this is the political forum and is placed here for debate and bantor, but I think the following needs to be said: To me it is obvious right now that the majority of the country is against this bill. Some believe that this majority is an uneducated lot, who could not get out of bed in the morning without being told by (insert conservative leader or christian here) to do so. Nevertheless,............those who are downplalying/ridiculing this majority and are proudly wearing the GLFWDA badge under their screen name, might want to think about the ramifications to their cause. Some people may not want to donate money to a great organization like GLFWDA, if representatives are constantly bashing them for their Ideals. (and we all Know our sport needs this type of funding) Just my .02 cents.

I'm just asking you to think about your actions carefully as you make your statements or beliefs. By all means freely comment, but keep the underpinings to the less then desireables in politics.

You may think that my statement is small minded, and it very well could be, but that does not change what people will think.

Side note: (For those who dont know, Christians are Christians first, they live their whole life for their God and they have the right to do so. You will not change that belief from doing a "so called" debate on a political forum on a 4x4 web site. )

What? WTF are you talking about?

You are trying to use my support of wheeling as a way to get me to shut up about my stance on a political issue? You think the conservative view of health care reform is a GLFWDA stance? Where do you come off?

BTW, If GLFWDA board members ever told me what to think about a political, religious moral, or any other issues I would be ripping the stickers off my jeep, formally and publicly denouncing the organization and have the logo removed from under my name immediatly.
GLFWDA does not force thier members to shut thier mouths in the political or religious arena. It is not part of thier mandate and not part of the cause.
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