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Originally Posted by mikesova View Post
So basically, Sarah Palin can claim something about a bill, the bill will have no such thing, but you will believe Sarah Palin's claim because liberals are sneaky? You're as moronic as Sarah Palin.
You know that palin and others remember what obama stated before he was elected and what he has stated after he was put into office, and it is not the same, he is not being truthful, he cannot be trusted and if you think for one minute that he has your best interest at heart, think again
People like you put him in office but what has he done but spend more money than any other and will continue to bring more debt to this country. You could pay 2 million dollars a day toward the debt for 2000 years and still not have paid it off. One thing about a republican, they can't spend like a democrat.
Liberals always blame what they themselvews are most guilty of.
You know how a thief will always think somebody is trying to steal from them or a liar will think they are always being lied to or a cheating spouse will always blame the other for cheating, and I can't forget name calling that is always a good one, how to change the subject you get the idea
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