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Originally Posted by aber61 View Post
yes true you would not read that and the liberals would not be so bold to put that in the bill they would phrase it differently, something more appealing, something that makes you feel good and warm and fuzzy all over and that feeling would be the panel brain washing you to think of a way out because the cost that the elderly is creating on the people that are waiting for more hand outs and can't get em because it cost to much keeping the old folks alive, so lets give em a pill and call it a day, on with the next.....
The government can't run medicare, the schools, themselves how would anybody in their right mind think they could run health care. we have proof, look at other countries that are doing it right now, huge wait times and people dieing before thier time because of waiting.
Thier has to be a better way, but having government run health care....UMMM
So basically, Sarah Palin can claim something about a bill, the bill will have no such thing, but you will believe Sarah Palin's claim because liberals are sneaky? You're as moronic as Sarah Palin.

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