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Originally Posted by TsCuda View Post
So he stays the night in a hotel & rents a dolly. We load it up the next morning & he is on his way. Now I have to pay $364 for him in the hotel & gas & his time.

He told me I could drive it home. He is the one that agreed for me to come Friday. He said it would only take 30 minutes to get the alternator on and it would be done when I got there. I took 1/2 a day off work so I could drive over, have time to check vehicles out and drive the Charger back home because he said it runs and drives great and would go to Cali. Got there and found out the car was NOWHERE suited to drive across the state not charging and no lock cylinder ... if it stalled, I was stranded because it would only start when we used a drill in the cylinder.

HE LIED about it and it cost me an extra $364 ... I NEVER ASKED HIM TO PAY THAT! I was just trying to make a point that I was man enough to understand that an even trade is an unspoken AS-IS deal! Once 2 people inspect 2 cars and hand the title over, it is DONE! I am smart enough to understand that and ate the $364 in return.

THAT is what THAT was all about. But this dickweed spins it around only posts half of the PM like all of my "messages" he claims I posted on this thread ... he cuts only the part he wants people to see ... and makes it look like I asked him for a dime when I did not other than the rebuilt alternator he said went with the car.

Funny story on the alternator. I get the car home and he tells me it is in the trunk which I can't open cuz no keys. I finally get the keys and no alternator in the trunk. Oh ... then he mysteriously finds it in his garage and will trade me for the carb on the car ... WTF??? I tell him no ... send me the alternator. So he asks for my address and sends me a PM that it is on it's way ... that was a week ago ... now he says he will send it when he gets a case.

The story is always changing with him. he does not remember what you told him 5 minutes ago. Dumbass still doesn't know my name is not Chris ... LMFAO!

Just an all-around douchebag to deal with. Never again for me and after this post I hope others see what they are getting into.
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