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OK Chris I gave you a running driving car. I drove it all over with you in it.

The Tracker had a bad Tcase = You knew it

AS-IS is AS-IS! You got a bad transfer case. Oh well ... shit happens.

We never signed the little contract you had drawn up. Now I know why you wanted one? I never needed one from any other member on here in a sale or trade. Never had some one call on a trade & ask for one. You were the one who insisted on one. Then never gave me a copy to sign. I would like to see the said: as is - as is contract.

Just man Up & do not be a prick. I got ZUK's case for $100 buck now I ahve to check out what parts it needs. I will send you a bill, stand behind you Trade. I al ways do OH my Itrader is or was 100% till now.

Principles here you are not one of the 22 year old punks ie: MB from that side of the state. & play key board games. You were OK in person, so were the wife & kids.

Oh for a refresher one the hotel. & my closing statement. & wife post.

He brought the Tracker on a small trailer & could not fit the charger on it so he spent the night, went to get a dolly from Uhaul the next morn. We loaded it up he was on his way. Let the trailer @ my place till his nice wife came the next day & I helped her load it up she was on there way. He wants to charge me for all that.

We continued to speak back & forth in PM's The Tracker was parked till we finished the YJ, (Yeh like ever finished.) Started it up drove it around the yard & heard the little Zing - Zing, [That Chris described as clutch noise when we drove it around the block. Could barely be heard over the belt slappin around twisted up on the water pump pulliey] Changed the fluids & loading it on to the trailer to go up north in the new Crawler. Tcase did not have much in as the crack. === Little zing zing. Still drove he said he drove it all over like that & they were indestructible. == They are not.

I have his alternator for the car And address so I could mail it to him.

Alt was not installed as he came 2 days early, seemed like he was trying to rush the deal. I had cash offers for $3500 wanted $3900.

Chris wanted $4000 for it I would think it was at the least intact.
I told him to trade back & got this response.

"AS-IS is AS-IS! You got a bad transfer case ... I got someone else's hack job of an engine swap. Oh well ... shit happens."
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