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Originally Posted by Marine_mike View Post
You know there is a whole lot of bitching, moaning, complaining, and name calling going on. Just think about it, if this is the worst thing in your life that you have to worry about, Id say you have it pretty damn good. Shut the fukc up about your broken T-case, fucked engine, and your fucking ignorant little attempt to instigate another pissing contest. (spit) As for the rest of you........ you guys are a bunch of Assholes:f inger: . M.M. OUT!
oh yes BTW STFU = MM = Mind your own business, If it happened to you you just say....

Fixed it for you

It is the principle he is a dickhead. admitted it was broke & here is the reply...

"AS-IS is AS-IS! You got a bad transfer case ... Oh well ... shit happens."

Not here dickhead I got one you owe me a hundred bucks plus a tcase rebuild kit. === You are a fukc tard scammer.
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