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If it had an egr, and was stuck upen, it would effect ALL cylinders, not just one. And it would run fine under power. He says the miss is still there.


You guys are missing what he said.

Basicly he did a cylinder balance test. Pull a plug wire one at a time and see if the rpm drop. All cylinders should drop about the same. He found one cylinder that does not drop any rpm so that means that that cylinder is not firing for some reason. This cylinder is his problem.

He replaced the plugs, so not that. He says he has spark there, so not the wire.

What do you need to make an engine run?


What is he missing?

He says he has fuel, air, and spark.....

I would do a compression test on the cylinder. The fluid he is seeing on the exhaust doughnut area could be coolant. There is no way it could be running and have raw fuel coming out of the cylinder, going down the inside of the maifold and leaking out the exhaust connector. It would either catch fire inside the exhaust from the other cylinders blowing fire out the ports or it would evaporate from the heat before it got to the exhaust connector.

I call head gasket...explorers are good for those.
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