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With all due respect, im going to disagree with a few of you guys that say kids should'nt be riding the trails on dirt bikes or ATV's until they are 12-14 years old. Here's the catch though.

ATVing and dirt bike riding is a sport that I beleive should be enjoyed by our youth at the age of maybe 6 or 7 years old just like most other outdoor sporting events,so long as they have the following

* RESPONSIBLE Adult visual supervision
*Attended an ACCREDITED ATV/ORV safety education class WITH a parent and posses a valid safety certificate.

Im one that believes in starting my kids out in life participating in all the ''FAMILY'' things that we can, as early in life as we can.I dont want my kids to have to wait until they are 12-14 yrs old to ride the trails with me because if they have to, I feared that when they reached the legal age at which they can ride with me, that they will no longer posses an interest in doing the ''FAMILY THINGS''so much anymore [ I did this to MY dad ] and that their newly founded focuses would be more directed towards doing things with their OWN age group such as football, baseball, basketball, ect ect ect. I had my son riding his ATV at the age of 3yrs old and he was very good at it. Took him on the trails with me at the age of 5 and we never encounterd ANY issues we could'nt deal with. Now sure, this kid is now 29 yrs old,and things have changed alot since than,but even TODAY, it still comes down to being a RESPONSIBLE adult with whatever you choose to do with you youth.

Remember fellows, Michigans Designated ORV trail system is NOBDY'S race track and should not be treated like this by anyone. If you dont want the youth on the trail system because YOU as an adult want to CHALLENGE your skill level and put everyone else at risk who rides it, than you need to get off the trail and onto a D-14 race.
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