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Originally Posted by PeteC View Post
Wow, Glenn Beck said so?

From what little I have heard, this involves the part of the website that dealers go to when registering themselves and cars for the program. It is not accessible by the public.

Can't seem to get to the site right now, but I have been on it before. It is green in the first place, at least the consumer portion.
I have navigated all over the site and not once have I seen an acceptance of terms agreement.

But go ahead an believe whatever Beck tells you, I will wait until there is more proof. Heck, for such a big story, you would think he might have been able to manage a screen shot of what he saw with the full url so we can all see where he was at.

But no, he said, you believe. Without the benefit of anything else to back it up.

And no CC, I still believe in individual privacy, including our own personal computers.

edit: Ahhh, more comes to light. Supposedly (unconfirmed by me as of yet) what Beck showed was from the website
Enetprise Services Center
Only accesible by dealers already registered.
You are attacking the messenger and not the message. The web site did in fact have this disclaimer, the white house has since had it removed.


Does it matter if it was for individuals or dealers?

Are dealers not citizens of this country entitled to the same privacy under the constitution as the other people of this country?

Aren't the dealers computers full of information that is linked to individuals who did business with the dealer?

Don't those people have a reasonable expectation to have their information kept confidential?

Bottom line:

There is no reasonable defense for having this disclaimer on the site, even if it was a dealer only site.
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