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Your the only one here too dense to realize that I am also well aware that when grant sponsors agree to take on a trail for maintenance, that they have a spec guideline booklet that they are ''suppose'' to follow for brushing back limbs and that these maintenence runs are suppose to be done 2x during the summer months? With that said, there is not a reason in the world that any rider should be constantly taking branches upside his helmet or body during a summertime ride.

I have found that thru the years,in most cases, there is no working WITH the MDNR..It is either 100% THEIR WAY, or hit the highway..These clowns are paid thru user fee's and one of their first priorities should be to have a working relationship WITH user groups who pay them.

For 6 years now, I have been TRYING to work WITH the DNR to FIX an ORV Safety program that they screwed-up 100% from the minute they took it over on OCT 1st of 2003. I've spent my OWN $ and countless trips going to Lansing trying to work WITH them, only to be disappointed and mis-lead into thinking that in the end, they [ DNR ] would do the RIGHT thing with this program. Today, the end result is they dont give a damn what the User's want out of this safety program and its now one of the worst ORV Safety Programs in the entire Country. All my trips and time to Lansing to work WITH the DNR and for WHAT? Brag all you want about them, however, I beleive them to be the most arrogant Law Enforcement Agency out there. They'll read into laws so as to best fit their OWN agenda's and not the REAL intent of that law. I've proven this over/over before.

And let me tell you something else before you continue on with your nonsense about how I need to join/form/support a large group of User's to get what we want out of the State . You see Scooter, you may not beleive this, but there are MANY other user groups such as hunters, snowmobilers, ORVers that feel EXACTLY the same way that I feel about the MDNR and we have banded TOGETHER to form a club called the Michigan Wildlife and Business Assoc who's goals are ,


Perhaps YOU should coincider joining these group of outdoorsmen which consists of Sportsmen, Wildlife Feeders, Farmers, Business Owners, ORV'ers, Snowmobilers and Outdoor Enthusiasts who have had it with all the bureaucratic BS from the MDNR and the NRC, and quit calling out others who have already been where only you wished you could be.

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