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My intentions are NOT to bring the riding age for dirt bikes down but rather to indicate how ONE SIDED this ATV and Dirtbike law is. It OK for one youth group to ride the trails, but not the OTHER? Complete BS IMO!

Talk all you want about the CCC's 40 years in Michigan,however, with this being almost 2010, we should ALSO be discussing the last 10 years of preferential treatment for the cyclist group, when in fact,for the last ten years, there are FAR more ATV dollars in the ORV kitty than there is cyclist dollars. Talk all you want about how long the CCC has been around, but fair game should also be concidered by who's really got the most $$ invested in Michigans ORV trail system and who gets the least attentiveness from the MDNR. You know the old saying? Money talks and BS walk's!

You think that I dont give your precious little CCC the love that you think they deserve. Well, let me say this much, up until just a few years ago, I too was a CCC member. I quit after I overheard a past Board member of the CCC threaten to pull its entire trail maintenace group out of maintaining trails IF the DNR gave up any trail maintenance miles to a ATV club. I overheard this myself at a past ORV Board meeting and about fell out of my shoe's.

It pisses me off to no end when I ride a ATV trail that was given to a cyclist grant sponsor for maintenance,and then im smacked in the face with tree branches. Than I find out that this cyclist group raked in about 260k for trail maintenance.

Slinging mud and not taking a lead?

If the shoe fits--wear it!
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